Friday, August 14, 2015

I missed an important date...

I've been so busy with the blog hop this week, I missed an important date. Tuesday was our "blogiversary." Ten years, none the less! It all started out with one short post.

Pretty amazing, isn't it? I think so.

My blogging abilities have grown, as has my blog itself. I hope over the next ten years, it will grow even more. I hope you'll continue joining me on this journey.

Well, I don't share very many of my poems on the blog (although I guess I'd like to share more...), but I'll share one today. It's not necessarily "anniversary" related. It's just one I'd like to share at this time.
         1 John 3:1,2
What manner of love it is,
The love the Father has
       lavished upon us.
We are now called the sons of God.
Not yet does it appear what
        we shall be.
This we do know, though:
We will be like Him when
         He comes for us.
Then we'll see Him as He is,
And be changed into His
         glorious image,
Until that approaching day
All we can do here is
         work, watch and pray.
My dear friend, won't you right now
Accept this gift of love
         He gives you now?
                       by Wendy KAR,
                             written September 7, 1982
I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Thank you to my faithful followers and readers.

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