Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Memoria Press, The Book of the Ancient Romans {Schoolhouse Review Crew}

We've been studying ancient history this year. We've covered ancient Egypt, and ancient Greece, so Rome was next up on our schedule. I was pleased to receive The Book of the Ancient Romans Set from Memoria Press to use with the boys.

This is our first time using anything from Memoria Press, since they produce products most suitable for Classical Christian Education, which isn't really our style of homeschooling. (We're more Charlotte Mason/unit study based). The quality of the covers and bindings of these books is of very good quality.

We received the complete set for The Book of the Ancient Romans, which includes as a text, The Book of the Ancient Romans, by Dorothy Mills, and a student guide (workbook), and a teacher's guide (which provides a suggested schedule/table of contents at the front, as well as answers to the questions found in the student guide). This set is suggested for grades 6-9.

Dorothy Mills wrote a few history books in the 1920s suitable for use by middle school students. Memoria Press is bringing these books back in to print, with some added illustrations. I like that Mills' books include quotes from some of the great classical historians, such as Plutarch, Herodotus and Cicero.

The Book of the Ancient Romans is divided in to parts, and broken down further in to chapters. Each chapter is broken down further yet in to sections. (We found some for the reading assignments to be a bit long, so I usually just read one of the shorter sections).  We'll learn about the Rome of myth and legend; Rome, the conqueror and lawgiver; Rome the mistress of the Mediterranean; Rome, the mistress of the world; and the decline and fall of Rome.

The student guide/workbook contains for each lesson Facts to Know, Vocabulary, Comprehension Questions, and Activities (map activities, and timeline dates/events to add to your own timeline). Since we had only one student book, I had the boys each fill in parts of the assignments. Little Bit usually filled in the vocabulary word answers, while Botanist Boy answered the comprehension questions. They filled in the dates on their own timelines, and worked together on mapping activities.

The boys enjoyed listening while I read aloud from the book, but they don't care much for workbooks (any workbooks!)! Botanist Boy used his paper timeline, Book of the Centuries, while Little Bit used the Timeline Builder app, from Knowledge Quest, on his iPad.

Every few lessons, there is a review. At the back of the teacher's guide are also unit tests, with answer sheets. Honestly, this is a comprehensive course on studying the ancient Romans.

If you want to learn more about ancient Rome, the ancient Romans, their lifestyle, you'll find this a very useful resource. You can purchase the set for $39.95.

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