Tuesday, June 16, 2015

CTC Math {Schoolhouse Review Crew}

If you have been reading my blog for any length of time, you probably already know that math is the bane of our existence around here.Well, except for Little Bit; he likes math! Botanist Boy? Not so much.

We've been using CTC Math, the 12 Month Family Plan for Homeschoolers, for the past few weeks. CTC Math is an online math tutor, which assists your child to learn at his own pace. Since the instruction is provided in short videos, your student can stop and rewind the video as many times as needed to grasp the concept.

Since this is an online program, your student can use it any time, anywhere. Little Bit sometimes used it on my computer, but he prefers using his iPad the most. Botanist Boy has been using it entirely on his Android tablet. 

CTC Math covers all levels of math, from Kindergarten through upper level maths, such as Algebra, Geometry, Calculus and Trigonometry.

Your student will first watch the video instruction, then answer the interactive questions. There are also printable worksheets.
The parent's area displays the overall results for each student, as well as the recent activity, such as when each student has logged in, what lesson each student worked on, and even their score.
When the student logs in, he chooses which course to work on. When he clicks on the subject under "stream," then he has several topics from which to choose. After clicking on the topic, there is a list of lessons from which to choose. By clicking on the title, he is taken to the instructional video.
The videos are only a few minutes long, and provide detailed, easy to understand instructions. Your student can pause, or even back up the video, as often as is necessary. Afterward, there is a diagnostic test. Little Bit enjoys seeing how well he can do on these tests, and gets frustrated with himself if he gets a score below 100%.
He was excited when he received his first achievement certificate, which I printed off for him. And he has the ability to keep track of his progress himself.
I knew Little Bit would enjoy CTC Math, because he likes math; but I really wanted to have this program for Botanist Boy, to give him further instruction and assistance in pre-algebra, which he is currently finishing up. Since we have a one-year subscription, I am also looking forward to having it available for him for algebra 1 in the coming school year.
This screen shot is for Algebra 1, part 1, number review 1. You can see what topics are covered here: order of operations, using the number line, various applications using fractions and decimals. (See what you have to look forward to, Botanist Boy?!) 

One thing I like about this program is that I receive a weekly email of the boys' progress. I can download the pdf report, which I can either print off and place in our portfolio, or save in to a folder on my computer. 

Whether you have students who struggle in math, or excel, you will want to check in to CTC Math. To do that, they offer a free trial. You can't lose.

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