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Homeschool Legacy--Knights and Nobles

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Last fall we were given the opportunity to use and review one of the Once-A-Week Unit Studies from Homeschool Legacy. Unfortunately, only a week or two after we received it, my dad went into the hospital (then hospice, back to hospital, and then rehab), and we made a trip to Florida to be with my mom for a couple months.

This unit has been more like a once-a-month study, rather than just once a week!

Botanist Boy chose Knights & Nobles, since he has had a life-long interest in that time period of history.

Once-A-Week studies are well planned out, offer lots of information, and lists of resources (books you can possibly find at the library, etc.), and fun activities to offer hands-on learning.

Each week offers suggestions for a family read aloud, which is read daily. Then one day a week, focus on the unit study activities, then another day could be reserved for a unit-study related field trip and family movie/game night.

Our library system is sadly inadequate, so it was challenging trying to find the suggested books. We managed to find more of them in the library system while we were in Florida, though.

One book, which had been on my Amazon wish list for awhile anyway, I went ahead and purchased.
Each week focuses on a different topic:
Week One--Castles
Week Two--Kings and Queens
Week Three--Knights
Week Four--Life on a Manor

The once a week activities include such things as a family devotional, arts and crafts, history, art appreciation, field trip suggestions, movie suggestions, and more. At the end of the unit is a "Stump Your Dad Trivia." There is also a menu, with recipes, to have a royal family medieval feast.

I'll admit, the movie suggestions have been easier to find (through Netflix, mainly) than the books, so we've watched quite a few videos about castles, kings and queens, and knights, and life in the Middle Ages in general.

Even though we've worked at this even more sporadically than we should, we have enjoyed this unit. In fact, we are still watching related videos. We have yet to partake of our medieval feast, too. I am planning to do the Birds of a Feather unit next, or perhaps the Forest for the Trees.

If you have Boy Scouts or American Heritage Girls in your family, they can work on earning badges while working on these units. Knights and Nobles helps your Boy Scout earn his Art Merit Badge. In our case, I am sure we could work on earning Pathfinder Honors with these activities.

You can read our review for the Native America study a couple years or so ago.

Homeschool Legacy has recently begun offering their unit studies as downloads, as well as in print form. Very convenient, if you don't want to wait for it to be shipped to you!

And I know I'm really late sharing, but for a couple more days, you can get 50% OFF the downloadable Horsing Around Once-a-Week Unit Study 2/10/15-2/17/15. Just type in the coupon code HALFOFF at checkout to get 50% off. You have one week from date of purchase to download and save it to your computer.

*I was given the Knights & Nobles Once-A-Week Unit Study for free, in order to share my opinion with you.*

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