Friday, July 18, 2014

Random 5 on Friday, July 18

1. A week ago, the boys and I were in Florida, facing our final day with my folks and my daughter. It was Tim's vacation; the younger two boys and I were just "along for the ride." ;) The week flew by! I'll post some pictures, later.

2. We're having a cool spell in our corner of the country. Yesterday morning, Baton Rouge broke their record low for that date, from 47 years ago.

But at least it isn't as cool here, as it was in Montana 21 years ago. I remember going to the airport to pick up my mom, who was coming to spend time with us for the birth of Jennifer...and it was snowing! Yes; in July!

3. I've been preparing for the new school year. Yikes! I'm about to begin round 3 of high school! In some ways, I feel more prepared; in other totally not ready!

I'll be using All About Reading and All About Spelling with Little Bit this year. I am praying that this will be the tool that "clicks" for him, and maybe reading will finally "take off."

4. I've been feeling pretty discouraged with my blogging lately. It just feels like no one is reading/visiting my blog anyway, even (especially) after I began hosting the Beauty Captured for Miranda. Then again, I feel pretty invisible on Facebook, too! :p

5. I had one more photo of the "100 Happy Days" that I hadn't shared yet. Guess I'll take the opportunity to do so now.
Homegrown blueberries

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  1. We are hitting High School this year too!

  2. I'm going into the second year of our third round of high school. And feeling well-prepared for it, at this point anyway. :-)

    I kind of feel like I'm blogging to myself often as well. I also wish I had a little more time to visit and comment on other blogs - the time I allot myself to do that doesn't feel like enough.

    Love your blueberry picture!!


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