Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Out of the Ruins | The Golden Gate Chronicles, Book 1, by Karen Barnett (a book review)

About the book 

Abby’s shattered faith in both God and man is challenged when the terrible earthquake hits 1906 San Francisco.

While her sister lies on her deathbed, Abby Fischer prays for a miracle. What Abby doesn’t expect, however, is for God’s answer to come in the form of the handsome Dr. Robert King, whose experimental treatment is risky at best.

As they work together toward a cure, Abby’s feelings for Robert become hopelessly entangled. Separated by the tragedy of the mighty San Francisco earthquake, their relationship suddenly takes a back seat to survival. With fires raging throughout the city, Abby fears for her life as she flees alone through burning streets. Where is God now? Will Robert find Abby, even as the world burns around them? Or has their love fallen with the ruins of the city?

What I thought about the book

Have I mentioned that I enjoy reading about history? Well, I'll say it again, because I really do!

Out of the Ruins is a gripping, emotionally powerful story. While Abby's sister is dying, Abby is praying for God to spare her life; but God doesn't answer the way Abby thinks He should.

Then while Abby is grieving over her sister, the earthquake hits, followed by fires all over the city.  Because she was angry with God for not answering her prayers for her sister, she feels it is pointless to pray for His help in finding her family in the chaos of the aftermath of the earthquake.

I found it interesting, learning about the early cancer research and early use of x-rays. It was equally captivating picturing the struggles the people went through after the earthquake.

The spiritual struggle Abby experienced resonates with me as I am currently battling with feelings of my own that my prayers don't seem to be reaching God.

I am really looking forward to the other books in this series!

About Karen Barnett

Karen Barnett is the author of "Mistaken" and several articles that have been published by "Guideposts" and other national magazines. She lives in Albany, Oregon, with her husband, two children, and three cats.

Where you can purchase a copy, and learn more about Out of the Ruins.

Find out more about Karen at http://www.karenbarnettbooks.com/


Disclosure: I received a free review copy of this book from Litfuse Publicity in order to give you my honest opinion.

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