Friday, May 9, 2014

Random 5 on Friday, May 9

1. After 3 weeks in Florida, the two younger boys and I arrived back home last Sunday. Yeah, my blog took a lengthy vacation! I'm not sure I'll be able to catch up on everything, buy I'm giving it a try!

2. This week has been a fruit-basket upset, with moving one boy in to the bedroom vacated by Tim, and all that. Minimal schoolwork has been getting done, as well.

3. Text messages from Jen indicate she's been hard at work, chauffeuring Grandma to appointments, as well as job searching. I pray earnestly she won't get discouraged, but will keep on with a positive attitude.

4. Botanist Boy and Little Bit each have a room of their own now, for the first time ever in their lives! They are finding the house a little empty, and lonely, without their older siblings.

5. Received a Mother's Day card in the mail today, from my girl. Yes, I cried, especially because she wrote: It makes me kind of sad thinking that this is our first Mother's Day that we aren't together for. Sometimes life is breathtakingly painful.

Since I've missed the past few weeks of Random 5 on Friday, and sharing my 100 Days of Happy snapshots, I'll share them all here. Today marks day 50; halfway through!

 My four offspring
 Farewell hug for the donkey
 This is how Milo traveled, 650 miles
 Helping Grandpa put up the hanging plants
 I love this boy!

 We miss this little church
 My girl, returning from a weekend with her BFF
 Walking Grandma's dog (or is she Grandpa's?)

 Finally got to hold this precious miracle baby!
 New haircut

 Miss Madison
 Cedar Key with my girl

 Waiting to open his first savings account

 Fixing breakfast for Grandma's kitty
 The boys got haircuts, too
 Sabbath fellowship meal with my girl
 Heading home
 Ah! My bed, and my chair!
 Tim stopped by to help move beds
 Vacuuming this chair for his room

It's raining! It's pouring!

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  1. What a lovely collection of photos. It is hard when they grow up and aren't always right there anymore. Knowing how fast the older ones grew up, I really need to remember to focus more on the little ones still home.
    Have a wonderful Mother's Day

    1. Yes, that's it exactly: remembering to focus on the younger ones. I know my time left with the 14 year old is short!


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