Friday, April 4, 2014

Random 5 on Friday, April 4

1. During the past week, hubby and the kids have been able to sell 4 of the 5 rabbits. Strangely, none of the chicks sold at market last weekend.

2. Jen has been crocheting, small purses and bracelets, and whatever else she can come up with. She wants to sell them at market, to raise some money, since the job search isn't going so well.

3. The boys had orthodontist appointments on Monday. They tightened things up in Botanist Boy's mouth, so he was hurtin' for a couple days afterward. Some of Little Bit's baby teeth are fusing to the bone, and will need to be pulled. Oh, joy!

4. Spring seems finally to be arriving here. Seems kinda late to me, for this little corner of the world. I'm loving the shades of green! Along with the arrival of spring, come more rain showers, and some pretty intense thunderstorms!

5. We would appreciate some prayers, concerning decisions Tim, Jen, and Botanist Boy are in the process of making. Please pray for God's clear guidance in all of these decisions. Thanks!!

Have a great week!!

100 Days of Happy

 Preparing the herb bed
 New leaves appearing on young dogwood
 Every month Little Bit creates his own calendar, in spite of ready-made ones hanging throughout the house

Jen crocheting

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