Friday, April 11, 2014

Random 5 on Friday, April 11

1. Thank you for your prayers, concerning my children and their decisions. I'm not sure my mama heart likes some of those decisions! ;-) It just makes me realize I'll need to be clinging to my heavenly Father all the more!

2. Tim moved out this week, and moved in with friends from work. My heart is anguished!

3. Jen has spent the week sorting and packing, to move to Florida to be near my folks, and her BFF. Praying she is able to find a job right away, and to get things arranged for her medical situation right away, too.

4. Parents of young children, cherish these moments. Time flies more swiftly than you can imagine. I know the years of young children can be exhausting. The teen years can be pretty rough, too.

I'm here to tell you, though: the hardest part of parenting is letting go; standing back, and letting them leave the nest.

I thought I'd warn you, because no one ever warned me. ;-)

5. I think I saw a pair of Wood Ducks in our yard yesterday. They flew up into the big, old oak that I can see from my bedroom window. I certainly wish I had a telephoto lens, so I could've taken clearer photos!

100 Days of Happy
 Sunshine, after the storm
 Eggs ready for market
 Azalea, from my bedroom window
 Inventing his own way to play the game
 Milo, on Botanist Boy's bed
 Math, measuring how far discs go
Copying states and capitals

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  1. I know letting go and allowing your adult children to make their own decisions has been the toughest for me thus far in my parenting. I have a 19 yr old daughter in college locally and she's making some decisions about her life that I probably wouldn't but I have to let her do them on her own and let God guide her.. I'm noticing a whole lot more prayers as they get older.. :)

  2. I am right there with you. It was so hard when my oldest left. It takes a lot more work to keep that relationship going when they aren't here anymore. Once you get past that ache feeling it does get better. I promise. However it does scare me that I have to go through this 4 more times.

  3. They do grow up way too fast. I'm dreading the "leaving" part of parenting. I love my kiddos!! Your azalea is beautiful, btw.


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