Monday, October 17, 2011

TOS Review: Visual Latin

Latin was one subject I never learned in school. It just wasn't a subject that was taught in any of the schools I attended. I never really thought it was that important to learn, to be honest. So I never really planned to have my children learn it, either.

The past several years, I have heard of other homeschooling families having their children learn Latin. I still never really thought that much about it, where our family was concerned. But then I began thinking about it.

When you do stop to consider, most of the scientific names of animals, plants, etc., are Latin, or derived from Latin. All my children have pretty strong interests in science! It made me realize, maybe we should work some at learning Latin!

Then I saw this introduction for Visual Latin. That's when it clicked: many, many words in our English language have Latin origins. This just might make it easier for the kids to improve their grammar and spelling!

The boys kind of groaned when they saw we were going to be learning Latin! But after they watched the first lesson, their interest was piqued! They enjoy the humor Dwane (the Latin teacher) uses.

Visual Latin is an easy-to-use video program, which is really quite entertaining as well. Frankly, it seems such a "painless" way to learn Latin! Each video lesson is done in three segments:

  • Grammar--one or two basic grammatical concepts are taught in a clear, concise way
  • Sentences--the grammatical concept is worked out in practical ways
  • Reading--this is a section of translation; Dwane reads the Latin, followed by your student reading it, as well.

Following each lesson segment, the student has worksheets to complete. So, the child is learning by hearing, seeing, saying and doing.
Learning is contextual: they see how the grammar, vocabulary, and usage all work together. Language is learned best through immersion and Visual Latin is all about immersing kids in Latin.

You can check out a lesson here, or try the first 6 lessons for free here. Lessons can be purchased in DVD format, or digital downloads in iTunes M4V format. The downloads mean you can also use them on any iPod, iPhone, or iPad! How cool is that?! If I had one of those devices, I could have Botanist Boy watch his Latin lesson in the waiting room, while Little Bit is in therapy!

What age is Visual Latin for? 9 and up. Kids need to be able to read, but other than that, elementary kids love it, middle school kids love it, high school kids love it, college kids… you get the point.

You can purchase all three DVDs for Visual Latin 1 for $80.00, or each individual DVD of 10 lessons for $30.00. Or you can purchase the download version, 10 lessons at a time, for $25.00.

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  1. We were totally pulled in by the humor of this program! I really liked it. For some reason, my son keeps saying he prefers the other Latin program we have and I don't know why! This one is sooooo much better!

    I'm stopping by from the Crew and now I'm a follower. I hope you'll visit me too.

    God Bless!

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  3. Good review! As an English teacher by trade, I love the vocabulary advantages of learning Latin. My son enjoys the humerous videos as well.


  4. Humor to teach Latin is genius!!! Sounds like a great product!


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