Friday, March 21, 2014

Random 5 on Friday, March 21

1. It's SPRING! Finally! At last!

Spring is my favorite season, because the days are longer than the nights, and the days are growing longer. I love the flowers, the trees beginning to leaf out, the lawn turning green.

Forecast says we may get down in to the 30s yet again, next week, though! :(

2. I finally purchased a copy of the Handbook of Nature Study, and it arrived today! That's been on my wishlist for years. Exciting to finally have a copy of my own.

3. We planted a tomato plant in to a container on the back patio. At least I'll have my container garden again this year, though I'd really like to have a raised-bed garden even more!
4. Along with the arrival of Spring, we had chicks hatch! We had 30 eggs in the incubator...but, sadly, it seems we'll only have 9 chicks. Pretty sad ratio.
They are supposed to be Easter chicks...but it looks like they are about a month early. ;-)

5. This week I learned I'll be a great aunt again! Exciting news!

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