Friday, February 21, 2014

Random 5 on Friday, February 21

1. Last Saturday hubby and Botanist Boy worked at repairing the plumbing. First they had to find where the clog was. In order to do that, they had to find where the pipe was! Eventually it became a "family affair," with all hands on deck.

When they found the clog, which ended up being at an intersection, they found the water line right next to the sewer line. While hubby was trying to loosen a root, he accidentally broke the water line. So, we spent half the day without running water, in addition to no flushing toilets.

By the time the sun went down, though, we had both flushing toilets, and running water...although hubby thought it best not to drink the water for several days, till we could be sure the waterline was completely flushed of any possible contaminants.

What a beautiful sight it was, to see the toilet flush! ;) And oh, how good a shower felt, after a few days since the last one! It was pretty exciting having clean dishes again, too!
2. Right now, it's looking like the child support amount has suddenly been cut in half, with no warning. It will be even more challenging now, trying to keep these hungry, growing boys fed and clothed!

3. Tuesday was a pretty sad day at Rossmont. We had to take the goats back to the lady from whom we got them. They are due to kid next month; we were looking forward to seeing the babies.
4. Tomorrow is my younger brother's birthday. There are only about 13 1/2 months between us. In many ways, we were like twins...except Mom had to experience two pregnancies and deliveries. We've always been fairly close, except when we fought like crazy as kids.

5. Spring is coming!! Here's proof!!

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