Friday, February 7, 2014

Random 5 on Friday, February 7

1. Today is my beautiful niece's parents' oldest grandchild, mother of my parents' first great-grandchild. Happy birthday, Cory!

2. Day before yesterday, my dad had more stents put in. Then, instead of being released yesterday, he was told he has to stay longer because of pancreatitis. Makes me wish all the more we could move back to Florida, so I could be nearby for situations like this. My mom no longer drives, due to always being dizzy.

3. My 8th grader wants to become a minister/pastor. We're spending quite a bit of time researching how he can best prepare himself for this, such as what are his best options for high school and college. It's an exciting...frightful...time. My boy is growing up!

4. Jen turned in a job application yesterday, here in town. It would be a blessing if she could actually get a job!

5. The boys and I have been having fun this week, learning about Russia, the Winter Olympics, and some of the athletes. Looking forward to watching the Opening Ceremonies. Also praying for protection for those in attendance.

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1 comment:

  1. Love all these! Praying for your dad.

    Maybe a general ed associate's degree for your kiddo, and studying at home based on lists? It's what our pastor recommends to those thinking about Bible School. :) I also have heard good things about Liberty University, and about Dallas Christian. Just some avenues to explore. Be blessed!


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