Thursday, January 2, 2014

My "Word" for 2014

I'll admit, I'm not real big on New Year's resolutions. Mainly because I'm not very good at following through.

Some of my online friends choose a word, a concept, on which to focus throughout the year; improvements they'd like to make in their own lives. There have been a couple years I've chosen a word; I don't remember what they were now.

This year, I am choosing HEALTH, because I am really feeling a need to focus on improving my health and lifestyle. I need to add some daily physical activity to my life, instead of being as sedentary as I am. I also need to make some changes in my diet. I'd like to increase my daily raw-food intake by quite a bit. (If only fresh produce was easier to come by around here!!)
Some of the intentional steps I plan to take toward health improvements:
  • Cut out soda/pop (this is a continuation from last year)
  • Cut out caffeine
  • Cut out the rest of the dairy products (cow's milk has long been out of my diet; now I will be working toward cutting out cheese, sour cream, yogurt, ice cream, eggs); in other words, I plan to cut out the rest of the products containing cholesterol
I hope to also cut processed foods, as much as possible, especially those containing high fructose corn syrup, and GMOs as much as I can.

Another step I plan to make is to start exercising on a daily basis again. Last year, I began exercising daily in February, but in September when I weighed in on my mom's scales and saw I wasn't losing weight like I hoped I was, I became very discouraged.

But I want to exercise, not with just the hopes of losing weight (which I badly need to do), but I also know that the exercising improves my mental health as well.

Would you join me on this journey? If for no other reason than to help keep me accountable?

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