Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Happy Home, part 2

Welcome back! I am glad you have joined me again this week. Remember, you can watch this episode online.

What in Their World is Going On?

Face it; we as parents aren't always in tune with what's going on in our children's lives...unless we put forth the effort to be aware.

Do you know who your children's friends are? Who they are talking to on the phone, or texting, or friends with on Facebook, etc.? Do you know what kind of music they listen to? Or what TV programs or movies they like to watch? Do you know what your young child's favorite color is? Or his/her favorite food?

This week, take a tour of your children's bedrooms while they aren't around. Just observe and take note of what you discover. Note: this week you are not confronting your children with what you find (that will be discussed later). You're just observing.

Step Forward Assignments
  1. Pray specifically for God to lead you in your observations.
  2. Without making your motives or activities known, tune in to your children's world this week.
  3. Take time to privately compare your observations with your spouse if possible.
Journal Questions and Answers
  1. What areas of your life have prevented you from connecting with your children? Where have you been over committed or lazy? Be honest and specific.
  2. What did you find out in your children's rooms that surprised you both positively and negatively?
  3. Rewrite Proverbs 27:23 in your own words: "Be diligent to know the state of your flocks, and attend to your herds." (NKJV) Replace flocks with the names of your children.
 I hope you will return next week, for the next step of this journey. I pray the Lord blesses you in your efforts in learning more about your children.

Until next week.

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