Tuesday, August 6, 2013

5 Days of a Vocational Homeschool--Day 2

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When I was a student at Laurelbrook, one of my most favorite jobs was to work in the housekeeping department of the nursing home. The supervisor/head of the department was a little German lady, who was very particular about how thoroughly the job was done.

She was strict, and many students didn't like or appreciate her much, but I got along well with her! In fact, my senior year, when she had to be away on vacation for several weeks, she left me in charge.

She has been my inspiration in teaching my children housecleaning chores. I've tried to teach them the importance of being thorough. Sometimes I don't succeed.

I suppose it seems more like I've been discussing home economics, rather than any kind of vocational training. But I think it's important for each of my children to learn how to properly care for and run a home. If they live on their own, or my boys marry women who have jobs out of the home, they need to know how to do these household chores, too.

I also feel it's important for my girl to know how to do some of the simple repairs around the house, or simple automobile maintenance.

My boys have learned and are learning some simple household repairs from my dad and my husband. I am thankful for that!

Putting in a new kitchen sink

Hubby showing the boy how to put in the new pipe

The sink is in

Putting in a new igniter

It works!

Changing the toilet seat

And just this weekend, they put in a new switch box, to have things set up to connect a generator in case our power goes out during a tropical storm or hurricane...or another tornado.
I think the boys, especially the Botanist Boy, will be able and capable to handle simple, minor repairs around the house.

What household chores or repairs are your children learning?

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