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Susan Marlow and Kregel Publications {Schoolhouse Review Crew}

A couple years ago, we reviewed Andi's Fair Surprise , one of the Circle C Beginnings books. Little Bit enjoyed it so much, we purchased more. We also shared them with Little Bit's best friend.

For this reason, we were excited to see the Goldtown Adventures books, by Susan Marlow and Kregal Publications, come up on the list for review! I knew both boys would enjoy these books. We received Badge of Honor. The Botanist Boy devoured it! And begged for the next one!
Susan Marlow began writing stories when she was around 10 years old. She enjoys writing historical adventure stories. Mrs. Marlow has a degree in elementary education, and taught in Christian schools before she began homeschooling her own children.

Her Goldtown Adventure books are set in a California gold-mining camp in 1864. Jeremiah "Jem" Coulter is 12. He and his 10 year old sister, Ellie, still try panning for gold, even though the gold rush is over. Their mother had died a few years back, and their father is the new sheriff.

In Badge of Honor, Jem's recently widowed aunt and her son, Nathan, come to live with the Coulters, all the way from Boston. Jem and Ellie must get used to having their aunt there. They must also learn how to get along with their greenhorn, city cousin, while teaching him chores around the ranch.

Jem is an industrious boy, who has a couple little businesses, delivering firewood and sawdust to various shops in town. Ellie and Nathan help, too.

Then Cripple Creek runs dry, and the children search for the reason. Your children will want to read this book, to learn the answers. And, hey, so will you want to read it! 

Like I said, Botanist Boy devoured the book, and begged for the next one. As a surprise, I did order it for him! When it came, I told him he had to finish a couple other school projects first, before I'd hand over the book to him. He completed the required projects in record time!

One of those projects was completing the free study guide, which you can download from the website. The study guide includes vocabulary, reading comprehension, and learning about prospector's tools, what a stamp mill is, and pistols from the 1860s.

Tunnel of Gold continues the adventures for Jem, Ellie, and cousin Nathan. Some of the other Crew members received this book, so you will want to read their reviews for a synopsis, because I haven't gotten around to reading it yet, myself.

Both books have been added to my list of read alouds for Little Bit. I'm sure he'll enjoy them as well. Hopefully we can get them read before book three comes out!

Botanist Boy enjoyed these books so much. He is eagerly waiting for the third in the series to come out (which is scheduled for November, 2013). He is also planning to get the whole set for his best bud, for Christmas this year! He'll request to have them personalized, too.

Susan Marlow has also developed a writing course for grades 3-8, which I plan to purchase for Botanist Boy, since he's currently in to writing stories himself. 

Age Range: 8-13
Cost: $7.99 each, plus shipping and handling
Contact Information:



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  1. Hi Wendy,
    Thanks for your enthusiastic review of Badge of Honor. So glad Botanist Boy enjoyed it enough to eat it up. :-)I love reading the CREW reviews, especially when they include pictures. Thanks for posting pictures!

    Susan Marlow

    (don't be confused by the "Andi Carter" label. My Blogger account is linked to the blog my character writes for the girls' historical series. But it's really me.)

    1. Thanks! My son is pretty impressed that you came and read my review, and commented on it. :)


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