Wednesday, April 24, 2013

F is for Foxglove

F is for Foxglove

If you want to have a cottage-garden, the Foxglove is a lovely choice. They can grow up to six feet tall, so are perfect choice for borders. It's blossoms attract hummingbirds! You must beware, though, for they are poisonous to people, pets, and livestock.

To read more information, about growing and the care of Foxglove, here are some sources: Better Homes and Gardens; HGTV Gardens; and National Gardening Association. And you can also find information in the case of Foxglove poisoning.

Sometimes it's a challenge to come up with a flower, or plant even, that begins with a particular letter. Then add in the fact, I am trying to make sure each flower I share is my own photo, sometimes I feel a bit stumped!

So, what other flowers/plants can you think of which begin with the letter "F"?

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