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A+ TutorSoft, Inc. {Schoolhouse Review Crew}

If you remember, I've said many times: math is not our strong subject around here. In fact, the only one who even likes math is Little Bit! So whenever I have a chance to try something out that will make teaching and doing math easier on me, I jump at the chance!

The past few weeks, Little Bit has been using the Second Grade A+ Interactive Math multi-sensory curriculum software from A+ TutorSoft, Inc.

This turns out to be a pretty good combination for Little Bit, because he also really likes to do schoolwork on the computer! You can watch a video demonstration, which will give you an excellent idea of how this works.

The software is fairly simple to install, register, and activate. Then you set up a profile for each student (up to 5), and yourself as parent/teacher. Then your student is ready to begin!

First, Little Bit would listen and watch the multimedia lesson. The lady's voice who taught the lesson was pleasant, and clear, easy to understand. Then he would do the interactive Q&A.
Because he loves frogs already, he was excited to see the frog hop up, to type in his answer, then hit the submit on the frog's tummy.
He received immediate notification of whether his answer was correct or not. If his answer was incorrect, then the instructor would review how to get the answer correct.

After he was finished with the quiz, there was a certificate to print off. He was always so excited to get 100%. If he was really struggling, for example, place value was a real challenge for him, for some reason, I could have him repeat the lesson.

There are also worksheets to print off for further practice, which I did have him do.

What's covered?
Counting and Identifying Numbers
Place Value, Writing Numbers and Number Combinations
Naming, Comparing, and Arranging Numbers
Addition (up to 3-digit plus 3-digit)
Subtraction (up to 3-digit from 3-digit)
Multiplication (2-digit by 1-digit)
Division (with 0 and 1)
Rounding and Estimating
Tables, Charts and Graphs

(View the complete Table of Contents)

I like the ease of the program, and the fact that Little Bit could work mostly independently. Little Bit seemed to like it pretty well...because it's math, it's online, and he likes the frog!

They cover levels Grades 1 through 6, and pre-Algebra, and Algebra 1.

Cost: 2nd Grade MATH PREMIUM EDITION - Interactive MATH Full Curriculum CD (Multimedia Lessons w/ Interactive Quiz, Books on CD, Progress Tracking, Parental Control) costs $124.99.

2nd Grade MATH - Interactive MATH Full Curriculum CD (Multimedia Lessons with Interactive Quiz and Books on CD) costs $99.99.

Online homeschool edition is available monthly for $19.95, quarterly for $49.99, or yearly for $124.99.

(The fine print on the coupon graphic is difficult to see; coupon code is good until the end of March, 2013)

Contact Information:
Phone: 317-514-1031

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  1. Looks like a great fit for a computer loving child!

  2. Thanks for the great review. Kathy B (A+ TutorSoft Social Media Manager and fellow TOS team member).


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