Thursday, October 25, 2012

Crossbow Education {Schoolhouse Review Crew}

Do you or any of your children suffer from Dyslexia, Visual Stress (Scotopic sensitivity, or Irlen syndrome), or any other visual issues? Do any of you have struggling readers?

To be honest, I've suspected for several years that my children are probably all at least slightly dyslexic. So I am always happy to find something that will be helpful to them.

A few weeks ago, we received a set of Eye Level Reading Rulers from Crossbow Education. These rulers are colored overlay text highlighters about the size of a six-inch ruler. They are made of a combination of opaque and transparent plastic that both underlines the text and highlights it in a colored tint. You simply read the text through either of the tinted plastic strips of your selected color, and track down the page. There is a broad strip for paragraphs, and a narrow strip for single lines.

There is a wide range of colors to meet the needs of all children who will benefit from using a colored overlay product. One side is matte coated, the other side is gloss, which allows for individual preference (I much prefer the matte side).

If you are trying them out for the first time, get the ten color pack and try all the colors. You will find out quickly if one of the colors makes a difference.

When our package of ten Reading Rulers arrived, I had all of the kids choose which color they felt would work best for them. Tim chose a yellow tint to use while he studied for the written test to get his driver's permit. I think Jen chose a lavender tint. Botanist Boy chose a blue one. I found the other purple tone worked best for me, although I never had a chance with the yellow one Tim took.

When Little Bit becomes more proficient at reading, I will have him use one, too. With his developmental and learning delays, these might actually be the most beneficial to him. He is enjoying using it to help keep track of his place while doing copywork, though.

I was interested in trying these for myself, because my vision has been a bit "off" the past few years. I don't know if you'd call it double vision, or what. Everything, especially words, have like a faint shadow. It is especially bad if I'm sleepy (like, waking way too early in the morning...), or spending too much time on the computer. My reading glasses only make it worse most of the time.

These Rulers don't seem to have helped with my problem that much. So, perhaps it's "just" that I'm probably pre-diabetic...or have reached that status now of "officially" having diabetes.

If you or any of your children have visual stress, or dyslexia, etc., be sure to check these out.

Cost: Eye Level Reading Ruler Ten Pack costs $16.95. Pack of 5 is $9.45. Plain Window Reading Ruler pack of 5 is also $9.45.

Other items available:
Sand Timers
Magnetic Foam Letters
Junior Learning Products for Reading, Spelling, and Math
Activities and Games for Phonics

Contact Information:
Crossbow Education Corp,
PO Box 1977, Davidson,  NC 28036
Phone: 704-987-1501
FAX: 704-987 -1989

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