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Unit studies. Do you use them in your home school? I'm pretty sure I've said it a time or two: We do, in our home school. Recently we were given the opportunity to try one out from Homeschool Legacy, one of a series called Once-a-Week Unit Studies.

These unit studies are designed so you can just dive right in. Pretty much all you will need to do is make a trip to the library, to gather up the books you'll need, for individual reading, and for read alouds. Some of the unit studies may also have suggested craft projects, so you'll need to gather those supplies as well.

The suggested schedule is to read together each day from the read aloud, as well as the individual reading for each of your students. This, in addition to their regular daily schoolwork. Then one day of the week, you'll eliminate the daily schoolwork, and focus on the unit study: unit study family devotional, the unit study read aloud and individual reading, and the unit study activities.

The unit we've been working on is the Native America unit, for grades 2-12. It is a six week unit. We chose this, because we are reading through Laura Ingalls Wilder's books this year, and she wrote quite a bit about Native Americans in Little House on the Prairie.

Some of the books we used

We read a Kindle edition of The Song of Hiawatha (which the boys didn't seem to really "get" since it's in poetry form, but I found beautiful), a book about Squanto, a book about the Cherokee and the Trail of Tears, among others. There are also some videos I have lined up (in my Netflix queue) for us to watch.

There are recipes for Three Sisters Iroquois Soup and Fry Bread. We always enjoy adding study-related meals to our units! The soup was delicious; even hubby tried a little of it.

Another one of the activities we had fun doing was labeling on a blackline map of the United States, the states with Native American names in one color, and the rest of the states in another color. The main thing I learned from that activity was just how little my boys know of the geography of the US!! :p

Since we worked on this activity together, I was giving them hints, so they could come up with the names on their own. I even resorted to using sign language, and spelling the names that way. We came to one state, in the center of the nation, which is part prairie, and part Rocky Mountains. I was signing: C-O-L-O-R-A-D-O; they just gave me a blank stare. I told them to say each letter as I signed it. Little Bit: "C-O-L-O-crooked V...." The Botanist Boy and I just roared with laughter! Still makes me chuckle! ;-) (By the way, yes, he finally figured out the correct name.)

We are blessed to live near an historical site, with Indian Mounds, and a museum. So one day, we headed for Natchez, to take a field trip there.

In this unit, you will learn about the Northeast Woodland Nations, the Southeast Woodland Nations, the Southwest Nations, the Plains Nations, the Pacific Northwest Coast Nations, and the California/Plateau/Great Basin Nations.

Homeschool Legacy has several other Once a Week Unit Studies, which you may wish to look in to, about: birds, trees, horses, weather, knights and nobles, early settlers, Lewis and Clark, the American Revolution, and the Constitution.

You know one thing that's great about these? They will help your Boy Scout or American Heritage Girl fulfill the requirements for merit badges. For my Seventh-day Adventist friends, I think they will also help your Pathfinder fulfill requirements for various honors: Indian Lore, for instance, with this Native America unit.

You can purchase Native America for $17.95.

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