Sunday, June 10, 2012

Let's Read This Summer!

This is our first Blog Cruise for the new season. Our first topic: Summer Reading!

Each summer, I like to have my children get involved with various summer reading programs. I'll admit, though, it's actually been a couple summers or so since we've participated in any.

This will be the summer! (I hope!)

When we lived in Florida, we participated in the library's summer reading program. Be sure to check out your library, to see if they have one.

Another summer program we like to participate in is the one through Barnes and Noble. Your child reads 8 books, records them on the reading journal, and takes it in to your nearest Barnes and Noble, to receive a free book.

We are big fans of the Pizza Hut BookIt program, so it was a delight to learn that they started a summer program as well. You can learn more about it, here.

I just discovered that Pottery Barn Kids has a summer reading challenge this summer! So, if you are a fan of Pottery Barn Kids, then you may want to check it out.

One more resource, which is also a new discovery for me this summer, is through iVillage and PBS Kids. You can find more information about that here.

Also, be sure to check out how other Crew Mates are encouraging their kids to read this summer, here, after 8am, Tuesday, June 12. Pin It Now!

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  1. So I popped in here to be sure I was following your blog (I wasn't) and read this post. I had no idea about the Book-It summer stuff... thanks so very much!!!

    Off to check that out.

    Oh, and we FAITHFULLY do our library summer program, but our library has way awesome prizes. It's worth it just for the coupons. :)


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