Sunday, May 13, 2012

Blogging Through the Alphabet: K & L

Yes, I missed "K"....For one, I was so busy focusing on Jen's graduation preparations, the graduation itself, and our dear family members who blessed us by taking the time to come celebrate with us. For two, I had a challenging time trying to come up with a "K" item to blog about!

Then it dawned on me!!

K is for Kindle!

Quite some time ago I downloaded the Kindle for PC app on my computer, and began collecting free Kindle books. Free books are the best! While I was collecting free books on my Kindle for PC, I was also saving up money to purchase a Kindle. By last Christmas, and my birthday in January, I had enough saved up. In fact, I actually had enough saved up for a basic Kindle, and a Kindle Fire!

I purchased my basic Kindle first. I think it is the coolest thing to be able to carry a collection of several hundred books with me where ever I go, on just one small device! I think the e-readers are a bibliophile’s dream come true!

Oh, don’t get me wrong! I still love the feel of a real book in my hands! But I’ll also admit, with my eye sight growing worse (due to my advancing years! ;-) ), even with my glasses, it grows less pleasurable to read the printed page. With my Kindle, I can adjust the print size (to HUGE, if I need to!).

Then I was able to get my Kindle Fire...and thus deepened my love for the Kindle! And, frankly, the more I use, and discover about, my Fire, the more I like it! 

I like that, when I read books, I can have the page background in sepia, rather than white. I like that I can read books on my Kindle at night, without having to have a lamp on! I like the fact that, when I am reading a book on my basic Kindle, and later open the same book on my Fire to read, or vice versa, it will ask to sync to the last page read.

To add to the fun and enjoyment, I like the apps! I can play games (Solitaire, or Word Search, or Angry Birds! yeah! we've become "addicted" to Angry Birds! LOL). 

I can load PDFs onto my Fire, and use the Adobe app or EZ PDF Reader app to more easily navigate them. That way, when I am doing a Download N Go or some other PDF for school with the kids, we don't have to sit at the computer. I also like being able to view videos (like, YouTube videos, etc.) on my Kindle Fire. Even cooler? With our Netflix streaming, we can watch those on the Fire, too!! (Admittedly, though, depending on the atmosphere, the streaming video quality may not always be the best)

So much do I like my Kindle Fire, Tim and I decided to get one for Jen as a graduation gift! Once we got all the "bugs" with the wi-fi connectivity worked out, etc., I think she is equally "in love" with her Fire as I am with mine! ;-)

I still enjoy finding free Kindle books! Now I can send some directly to Jen's Fire! Frankly, I plan to upgrade my Basic to a Kindle Touch, and give my basic to one of my two youngest boys....

If you want to download the Kindle app on to your PC, you can find it here (there are also apps for Macs, Iphones, Ipods, Ipads, etc.). And a few places that daily list free Kindle books: Pixel of Ink, Pixel of Ink Young Edition, and Inspired Reads. Sometimes my blog friends will post lists of free Kindle books they have discovered, such as this one posted just this weekend. When you visit any of these lists, make sure the price for the Kindle edition is listed at $0.00, because they are free for only a limited time. And frankly, some of the books on the Pixel of Ink, and especially the Young Edition, are books that I don't approve of for my family. I've learned not to just "blindly" click download just because the book is free! LOL

Now, moving on.....

L is for Legos! 

It seems any house with boys (and, wait a minute, not just boys....because girls like them, too!!) has an extensive collection of Legos. In my opinion, I think Legos are one of the best toys ever invented! They can provide hours and hours of imaginative play! And don't tell my Botanist Boy, but they can also provide a lot of mathematical practice! ;-)

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