Monday, May 14, 2012

5 Days of Blogging: Gardening, Day 1

"Only a wise child can understand the language of flowers and plants."
~Helen Keller
Let me tell you right from the start: I am not an expert in gardening! That is my disclaimer for the week! ;-)

Thanks to my mother, I have grown up with an interest in houseplants. Thanks to my first mother-in-law, I developed an enjoyment of gardening. And thanks to my Creator, I have a genuine love of beautiful flowers. And guess what? This is one love that has been passed on to my 12 year old, the one I refer to as Botanist Boy in the virtual world!

So with help from him this week, we will be exploring and blogging about growing plants: houseplants; vegetable garden; flower garden; herb garden; even some container gardening.

Those of you who are regular readers of my blog will know that I post a lot of photographs. Those of you who may be new, thanks to the 5 Days of Blogging blog hop, I have another disclaimer to make: I am not a professional photographer! I don't even have that terrific a camera. (Currently I am saving up for one, though!) 

As I said above, I am no expert on gardening. Most of my gardening experience was when we lived in Montana, under the tutelage of my first mother-in-law.

Basically, up there, the growing season was so short, and some years even shorter than others, because of late snows in Spring, or early snows before Autumn "officially" arrived. Typically I wouldn't put my garden in until sometime between Mother's Day and Memorial Day! :p And often we had our first frost before we got too far in to September.

Now I live in Southwest Mississippi. Imagine my surprise to learn I could plant as early as late February or early March! And then plant a second garden, perhaps in September! And we can actually grow cantaloupe and watermelon!

Frankly, I am still learning what we can plant, when. I do know that, to be honest, July and August are pretty much too hot to grow much of anything outside! LOL Including young'uns! I definitely melt at that time of year! :p

It still seems strange to me that we can rototill our garden in February. This year we had a very late start, and I actually haven't planted much. But such as it is, I'll share more about it throughout the week.

I hope you'll join us again tomorrow.

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  1. Looking forward to it! This is the first year I've really tried to garden. My husband likes to grow things, but I have a black thumb!

  2. I'm originally from the SE part of Mississippi and I totally get the too hot to grow even kids in July and August :) I haven't been down there in so many years. But son and his family are relocating (Army) to southern Alabama. Growing up in the NW, I think they are in for a shocker LOL I do wish our growing season was at least a month longer here. Sure would help.


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