Wednesday, May 16, 2012

5 Days of Blogging: Gardening, Day 3

Today I'll show you my herb garden (such as it is!), and our container gardening.

One of my favorite herbs is sweet basil. I tend to plant some every year (which has not happened yet this year! Yikes!). But I've also planted some rosemary, thyme, and mint in the herb garden plot, which is right outside our large dining room window.

Frankly, I planted one plant of the rosemary...and it has grown so huge! I didn't realize it would grow this large! It smells yummy, though! I noticed the other day that the thyme has reseeded itself, too, which makes me happy. The mint...well, it'll take over the place, for which I am very glad! But it seems the sweet basil has not reseeded itself, so I better get some planted....maybe out between the dill and yellow pepper in the veggie garden!

First year

First year as well

Still first year

Second year (see the hummingbird by the feeder?!)
This year, pretty pathetic!
This year, I have added nothing to the herb garden. I've tried to have the kids pull up some of the weeds. As you can see, that rosemary has really grown!

Last year, I planted some sweet basil in the herb garden, as well as in a container, alongside a tomato plant. The container plant provided a lot more basil than the herb garden did, and I let it go to seed, to see if it would reseed itself....but haven't seen any signs of seedlings in that container.

One thing we enjoy doing with the mint is taking a few leaves, and placing them in a pitcher of water in the refrigerator, to flavor the water.

I like all the things we can do with the herbs, especially the sweet basil: pesto, on veggie pizza, in sauces for pasta, etc. Frankly, I would like more ideas of what we can do with herbs of various kinds. Please, if you have any ideas, post them in a comment below. Thanks!

I came across this article yesterday, about using thyme as a natural cure for acne. If you have teens in your home with acne problems, you may find this useful! Are there other natural herbal remedies that come to your mind? Please share them!

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  1. We tend to try to do things as naturally as possible....I was more diligent about it years ago. I have an herb closet where I kept my tried herbs for medicinal purposes. What I did notice in bugs, spiders, not even a web. My plan is to make a mixture of herbs and put them in sachets to hang in the kids' coat lockers (when we get them completed) so when the coats sit in there no spiders are making homes in their sleeves, hoods, etc.

    Using herbs for thereputic purposes...use cheesecloth..cut in squares, add herbs, fold up and tie with a rubber band...add to bath water, or making solutions like the acne wash.

    You can dry them in a dark place in brown paper bags (cut small diamond shape slits for breathing)...heads down, stems towards the opening, tie up with a rubber band and let them dry. Haven't had any mold on them this way. Then you can put the dried herb in jars (I prefer glass over plastic).


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