Friday, March 30, 2012

TOS Review:Academic Success for All Learners~I See Sam Little Books

All of my children have been "late readers," perhaps even "struggling readers"...I think Little Bit struggles the most of all, because of his developmental/learning delays. But I'll tell you, he definitely wants to read!

When we were presented with the opportunity to use and review two of the I See Sam Little Books sets, I jumped at the chance! When the package arrived, and Little Bit learned it was for him, he was so excited! After opening the package, he said over and over, "Thank you, Mommy!"...So I told him I didn't order them; we got them because we are part of the review Crew; he needed to thank Ms. Kate for choosing us to get them. Immediately he said, "Oh! Thank you, Ms. Kate!" as he hugged the books to his chest! ;-)

Right away, he opened the first book, and began reading it. He found the simple illustrations captivating and amusing. I think the fact that there are only a few words on each page, he finds trying to read not so intimidating. And the illustrations help him "decipher" what the words say.

He has eagerly read these books to me, to his step dad, to Big Sister, maybe his older brothers, too. He even took them with us on our recent trip to Florida, to show Grandma and Grandpa (then forgot while we were there! :-p ...). But he read to Auntie, when they stopped by here! He's even taken them to therapy, to read them to his speech therapist!

I have the feeling I will need to purchase the other 6 sets, eventually!

The Reading for All Learners “Little Books” program is a sequence of 141 color coded books. There are 8 sets of books from Kindergarten to 3.6 reading level. Each set contains up to 27 books.

Little Bit likes coloring in a flower on the progress chart, each time he masters one of the Little Books. There are also flashcards you can download, as well as a Scope and Sequence. Create your own guide.

Each set of books costs $30.00.

If you have young children ready to learn to read, or have struggling readers, these fun Little Books may be just what you need!

Contact Information:


Academic Success For All Learners
131 North 1175 West #5
Logan, Utah 84321

Phone: 435-755-7885
FAX: 435-755-6069


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  1. It sounds like our little readers would enjoy reading to each other. I am sure we will be ordering the other sets as well as she progresses. :0)


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