Saturday, January 28, 2012

This Week at Rossmont, January 22-28, 2012

In our homeschool this week

Little Bit finished up week 2 of the Five in a Row book, Mailing May. It had been our intention to study trains while Rowing this book, but we ended up going off on a different "rabbit trail!"

He became captivated with the post office, after his little tour of the one here in our little town on Monday. The postmistress was delighted to show him around, explaining the process, and all. He even helped her wait on a few customers!

The next morning, he was ready to go back to the post office 6:30, to help them sort the mail! And again the morning after that! ;-) But I couldn't let him do that; it was just too early in the morning....Besides, he and Botanist Boy had pet chores to do! ;-)

He also wants to start collecting postage stamps. It would be fun for him to be able to collect stamps from all around the world.

Botanist Boy is working on The Cricket in Times Square, using Beyond Five in a Row, and lapbook elements from Homeschool Share. He's learning about New York, New York City, Connecticut, and crickets, so far.

We also started Who Am I? And What Am I Doing Here?, from Apologia; Reading Eggs, for Little Bit; and K5 Learning for both boys (review items for the homeschool crew for The Old Schoolhouse).

Thankfully, Teen Girl has been really plugging away at her schoolwork! She'll be finished with her geometry book soon! She only has about 4 months left of her high school years! Wow!

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing

Well, as I already said, Little Bit and I went to the post office, so he could have a tour, on Monday. Wednesday, Teen Girl and I went to a neighboring town, to pick up a couple books from the library (one we had never been to before!), and to do a bit of grocery shopping. As usual, Little Bit had therapy on Thursday. We also stopped in at the library there, and did a bit of grocery shopping.

My favorite thing this week was

Sunday, I caught Little Bit cutting up his donut into small pieces. When I asked him why, he said: So they won't make me bounce off the wall so much!

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The cut-up donuts...
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  1. That's a great idea with the donut! I wonder if it works for the calories too . . . :)
    Now following you from Raising Leafs.


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