Sunday, November 13, 2011

TOS Review: Keyboard Town Pals

In this day and age, children are learning to navigate the computer younger and younger, it seems, doesn't it? It also seems they need to learn proper typing skills at a younger age....much younger than when I was in school (back in the "dark ages!").

Keyboard Town Pals is a fun, engaging introduction to those skills for young children, ages 7 and up.
Keyboard Town PALS, LLC,  creates, manufactures and distributes educational software teaching early elementary school children how to type on a computer keyboard using proper finger technique in one hour.

Keyboard Town PALS is the only program on the market using the revolutionary PALS method (PURPOSEFUL  ASSOCIATIVE  LEARNING SYSTEM) to teach young children to keyboard.  With the PALS system, the child associates a puppet in a fictional town with a letter and a key on the keyboard and finally to the finger used to press that key. The puppets’ entertaining short stories are easy to remember.

The past few weeks, Little Bit has been using the Keyboard Town Pals program. Even though he is 9, he seems to have been enjoying the program pretty well. The puppets capture his attention, and are somewhat entertaining for him. His developmental delays do have him at a lower maturity level (for lack of a better term) than most 9 year olds would be. I can see that, with lots of repetition, he could get to the point of using proper finger placement on the keyboard. He's definitely not there yet! ;)

I had Botanist Boy run through the program once or twice as well. He also found the puppets rather entertaining, and thought the program was okay. It didn't take him long to go through the program. But I really don't think he'd care much for the repetition, like Little Bit could "handle."

Some of the characters your child will be introduced to: Amy, Sam, Dora, Frank and George, Jan and Helen, Kay, Larry.
Here's the Welcome and Lesson 1 video:

The program can be purchased, either as a CD Rom or Web-based package for $39.95, with English, Spanish, and French versions available. They have other products available as well. Free shipping on all orders now through Dec 31, 2011!

Be sure to visit the website for more information.

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