Friday, September 2, 2011

TOS Review: R & R Games--Flea Circus

We enjoy playing games around here. Hubby will often spend a half hour or so in the evenings playing a game with the kids, to help him unwind after a long day at work. It also gives him some time with the kids.

I like to use games during our school day, too. It's a fun way to learn various subjects/facts. And sometimes it's great to play games just to have fun together. So it was with excitement that we looked forward to trying out Flea Circus! Not that we are that excited about fleas! ;-) But we certainly love cats and dogs around here!

Flea Circus is definitely one of those games perfect for just having fun! It's designed for 2-6 players, ages 6 and up, and is fairly quick and easy to learn.

The game contains 55 cards, consisting of attractions, clowns, tickets, flea acrobats, and dog catchers;  20 rubber dogs; and 20 rubber cats. The object of the game is to end up with the most cats and dogs in the end.
STEP RIGHT UP! Calling all Cats and Dogs! The Flea Circus is about to begin!

It's a wild time under the Big Top as dogs and cats race from one show to the next. Players use their best Flea Circus acts to attract the most cats and dogs. Play your cards right and you can steal the audience away from your neighbor! But watch out for the Animal Catcher... He'll snatch your cats and dogs away!

With all this excitement, how's a Flea Ring Circus supposed to keep up? When all the cats and dogs are gone, whoever ends up with the most animals at their show wins the game!

We've had fun playing several rounds. Little Bit and I tried it first, shortly after the game arrived at our house. Teen Girl and the two boys have played several rounds, too, while I was preparing meals or such. It will be a fun activity, too, if the power goes out during a tropical storm or something....which may happen this weekend! :P

Some of the Crew also reviewed Pig Pile, another game by R & R Games. After the fun we have had with Flea Circus, I think Pig Pile might go on our Christmas list! ;) There are some other fun looking games on the site, as well!

Flea Circus can be purchased for $15.95. But R & R Games has graciously offered a special deal for TOS Review readers, a 20% discount on any purchase, with coupon code CREW20, through December 31, 2011. So be sure to check out all their games! I am sure you could fill your Christmas shopping list, because there is something for everyone! :)

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R&R Games, Inc.
PO Box 130195
Tampa, FL 33629

To read what other Crew members have to say, about both Flea Circus and Pig Pile, click the banner below.


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