Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Homeschool Mother's Journal, September 10, 2011

In my life this week

Labor Day was last weekend. We spent the weekend enduring a visit from Tropical Storm Lee. Our little rain gauge indicated we received 5+ inches during the 2+ days the storm was parked here.

One good thing about TS Lee: it ushered in cooler, fall-like temperatures! The boys have been complaining about how cold it is when they go out to do the animal chores in the mornings! ;)

We've enjoyed having the windows open throughout most of the day, too.

In our homeschool this week

We are trying to get settled into a routine now, but with the holiday, and a couple town-trip days, it was a tad challenging to do so. We pretty much just followed a light schedule: doing Five in a Row and Beyond Five in a Row, math, and Time4Learning (a product we get to review).  Teen Girl plugs away at her classwork, as well.

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing

Teen Girl and I did a quick grocery trip to the next town over (which has a larger grocery store) one day. Thursday was therapy day. We also attended a homeschool group activity at the library, which was a demonstration on electrical safety. Then, of course, we had to do grocery shopping and began clothing shopping. These kids sprout like weeds!

My favorite thing this week was

The return of the swarms of hummingbirds to our feeders. We are right on the migration route, and the feeder right outside my bedroom window is the most popular place around! Even though we have a total of six feeders up, mine is the most favorite. We will, seriously, have nearly 2 dozen hummers around the feeder, either on it or hovering around it. They are fascinating creatures to watch, and I love listening to their little chirps.

I’m cooking

One of the review products I'm working as part of the TOS Crew is E-Mealz. We are in the first week of using it, so we are cooking some new dishes. For the most part, they meet everyone's approval. Little Bit isn't quite as enthusiastic as the rest.... ;)

You'll just have to stay tuned, to learn more about our experiences with E-Mealz. ;-)

I’m grateful for

The cooler temperatures this past week. I hear we are heading back in to the 90s, though, this coming week.

I'm also grateful for being spared flooding, or power outages, or anything like that, during the tropical storm.

I’m praying for

Our nation, as we pause tomorrow to remember that horrific day a decade ago. I'm also praying for rain for Texas, to put out the infernos. In addition, I am praying for the people of the northeastern US, who where hit first by Irene, then Lee, and for all the flooding to subside. Just to the south of us, in Louisiana, they had some hefty flooding as well....

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