Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Diabetes Blog Week--Diabetes Bloopers


Well, Jen and I "put our heads together" to try coming up with any bloopers...We only came up with one story.

A few years ago, we were living in a tiny RV behind my parents' house. Actually, the RV was more like our bedroom; we spent most of our waking hours in the house with my folks, ate our meals with them, etc.

One time Jen was getting ready to take her insulin (she uses insulin pens, for both Lantus and Novalog/Humalog (which ever Medicaid happens to be paying for at the time....). She got her pen out of the refrigerator, then set it on the counter when she realized she needed to go get more pen needles.

Apparently my mom came along, needing a pen with which to write something, and just grabbed up the pen. Jen came back, and couldn't find her insulin pen! She was like, "Where's my insulin pen?" and my mom was like, "Why won't this pen write?!"

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  1. That's funny!!! I thought I had heard every d-blooper that could exist, but that's a new one. Love it!


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