Friday, May 13, 2011

Diabetes Blog Week--Ten Things I Hate About Diabetes


Ten things I hate about diabetes:

  1. I hate the way it consumes our thoughts….constantly
  2. I hate the way it has turned me into a nagging mom, always reminding Jen to check her blood sugars, take her insulin, asking what her blood sugar is, if she has taken her insulin, etc.
  3. I hate the look on Jen’s face, one of exasperation, annoyance, frustration, sometimes even anger, when I do ask her about her blood sugars or insulin in-take
  4. I hate that we can never control it, no matter how hard we try, even when we follow dosing directions, etc., to the letter
  5. I hate the possibility of the long-term negative affects of her blood sugars running too high
  6. I hate the fear of the possible immediate affects of the lows, the fear I see in her eyes of those lows
  7. I hate that we have not been able to get an endocrinologist lined up in this state….and that there are so few of them in this state, which ranks number 1 for diabetes
  8. I hate that, in spite of her diabetes, she will be cut off from Medicaid when she turns 19 (which is just 14 months away)….and we already don’t have insurance for those of us over 19.….How will we ever afford her diabetes supplies then????
  9. I hate the uncertainty of, some day in the future, if she gets married, will she be able to have babies; how will the diabetes affect her pregnancies?
  10. I hate the constant fear, even though most days I stuff that fear way deep down, of wondering if she will wake up this morning…..
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