Wednesday, May 25, 2011

TOS Review: Eagle's Wings--Considering God's Creation

Science, especially natural science, is an absolute favorite subject around here! Plants and animals, especially birds, are daily observed and enjoyed. It was a pleasure to receive Considering God's Creation, to use and review.

Considering God's Creation is a gentle, creative, in-depth approach to natural science from a Biblical perspective. It's adaptable for grades 2-7, but my 11th grade daughter enjoyed working on it along with her brothers. (Then again, she has a desire to work with young children in some capacity, such as daycare or early childhood education! ;-) )

Topics of Creation covered:
* Universe
* Stars
* Solar System
* Earth
* Light
* Sound
* Wind
* Weather
* Clouds
* Rocks
* Plants
* Insects
* Mammals
* Reptiles
* Birds
* Fish
* Amphibians
* Food Chains
* Reproduction and Genetics
* Human
* Animal Anatomy
* Physiology

The student book contains 272 pages of hands-on activities, such as nature journaling pages; "Scientist Detective" notebook pages to fill out; mini books to make; games to create; crossword puzzles and word searches. You can see more samples of the pages here.

The basic teaching procedure consists of:

Preparation--details what you’ll need for each lesson.
Vocabulary--words and definitions for each lesson.
Introduction--gives an overview of the lesson.
Song/Poem--illustrates new concepts from lesson.
Activity--hands on activities to enhance comprehension.
Bible Reading--Scriptures which focus on God as Creator.
Notebook--notebooking activities which summarize materials presented.
Evolution Stumper--scientific facts supporting creation.
Review--includes list of discussion questions.
Digging Deeper--ideas for further study and research.

I see us using this more as a supplement to our main science curriculum, rather than the main curriculum at this time. You might find it works better as the main science curriculum for your family, especially if you are homeschooling elementary level. Be sure to check it our for yourself!

The package we received consists of the teacher's manual, student notebook/workbook, and a CD containing original songs which illustrate concepts from each lesson. (You can hear a few sound clips here.) This package sells for $29.95. Additional workbooks can be purchased for $13.95. We enjoy listening to the CD any time: while cleaning the kitchen, or driving to and from therapy and medical appointments.

Contact Information:

Website: Eagle’s Wings Educational Materials

P.O. Box 502
Duncan, OK 73534

Phone: 580-252-1555


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