Monday, May 9, 2011

Diabetes Blog Week--Admiring Our Differences


It's only been recently (within the past 6 months or so) that I have gotten acquainted with other bloggers in the online diabetes community. It has given me a greater desire to focus more on blogging about this journey we travel with my daughter. (I tend to focus so much on our homeschooling, on my other blogs).

I hope throughout this week, I will get acquainted with more bloggers in this community....

For those who don't know much about me or my situation: my father has Type 2; my daughter has Type 1. She was diagnosed at age 10 1/2, and will be 18 in a couple months. I have participated in the TrialNet study, was somewhat borderline, and have been tested with one or two of the antibodies. I am starting to suspect I am exhibiting symptoms, which is concerning, especially since I don't have insurance and can't afford to see a doctor.

Even though I am a mom of child with Type 1, I admire other T1 parents....especially those who have their children in public schools. I think ya'll must have a lot of strength and courage to do that! I've read some stories (on Children With Diabetes) which make me thankful to be homeschooling my kids.

Certainly I'll admit that, ultimately, this is my daughter's journey, not mine. Yes, I've been walking it with her....but the day is drawing nearer and nearer when I will no longer be traveling by her side. I will still be there, in the background, true. I'll be there when/if she needs me. And I'll never stop praying for her to have the strength she needs to walk this path!

Please introduce yourselves to me throughout this week. I want to get acquainted with other T1 parents; other young adults with T1, like my daughter; and I want to learn more about LADA, because Jen's paternal grandmother was fairly recently diagnosed with that.

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  1. Hello.. My name is Misty and my youngest son was diagnosed with type 1 on 12-27-2010.It was nice to find your blog..Thanks for blogging. I enjoy reading about other families and how they are living/dealing with this disease.I have a blog @


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