Monday, February 7, 2011

Memoir Monday--Week 19

The weeks just seem to fly by anymore. I'm not sure if I'm getting busier (if that is even possible), or what. Today is my beautiful niece's birthday!

But it's time for another Memoir Monday post!! So, here goes!

What did your room look like when you were growing up?

Which bedroom? ;-) My bedroom in North Carolina was on the second floor. Pink walls; blue/green indoor-outdoor carpet. My furniture was French Provincial, and I had a canopy bed, with pink bedding.

Something like this:
(picture from Furniture Row)
(Picture from here)

Did your family move when you were a child? If so, what do you remember most about it?

Well, if you remember, I recently shared where all I lived during my childhood, you'll know I moved many times.....many, many times.

The things I remember most about our move from Michigan to North Carolina: We had to get rid of most of our animals before we moved. We had a moving truck, and two cars to drive. A young lady (mercy! I just realized my oldest is almost the age she was when she moved with us!!) moved with us. It was at that time we began calling her our foster sister.

What I remember about our move from North Carolina to Texas: It was hot, very hot. Our car didn't have AC. There was one time along the way, it looked like our little chinchilla was going to succumb to the heat. We began taking him inside every air conditioned gas station we stopped at. We got a block of ice, for him to ride on, in order to stay cool.

It was very hard to move to Alabama from Texas, for me. I was leaving behind my bosom friend, my kindred spirit. But she had written me a series of little notes to open and read along the way. 

I remember our move from Alabama to Louisiana....more like, the first few weeks after we arrived in Louisiana: it rained every day, all day, all night, for at least a month!! Our backyard was a pond, literally!!

What was your childhood bedroom like? If you moved during your childhood, what do you remember about it?

Please stay tuned for more episodes of Memoir Mondays!

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  1. Funny how many of us had canopies back then. Do little girls still like canopies? Poor Chinchilla! You reminded me of our move to Pueblo - boy was it HOT! Not Arizona hot, but hot.



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