Monday, February 7, 2011

TOS Review: VocabAhead

Vocabulary. How important is it, really? How useful is it to have a fairly broad vocabulary?

Since my mother is a linguist, as was her father, you can be assured that we have always considered it pretty important, both in the family in which I grew up, as well as in my children's lives.

This year I have a high school junior who is preparing now for taking either the SAT or ACT in a few months, so it's important for her to "brush up" on her vocabulary.

I was very excited to receive VocabAhead One Thousand SAT Vocabulary Videos & MP3s on DVD for Teen Girl to use.

The DVD-ROM contains more than 1,000 SAT vocabulary videos with MP3 audio files. You can listen to the narrations on-the-go using your favorite MP3 player and can watch Vocabulary Videos for SAT words on your computer or other portable device such as iPod, iPhone or even iPad.

The DVD can be purchased for $24.95. There is also a book available: VocabAhead SAT Vocabulary: Cartoons, Videos and MP3s, available for $12.95.

I interviewed my daughter (who is a girl of few words....meaning, she doesn't like to talk much; she is pretty quiet), asking her about her experience while using the VocabAhead DVD-ROM; below are her responses.

What do you think of VocabAhead?

I think it's fun and interesting.

What do you like about it?

It shows pictures and defines the words. (It shows the word and deifinition, then an illustration of the word. The word and definition are repeated twice, with a paragraph spoken defining the word and using it in context.

What do you NOT like about it?


How did you use it?

I watched the videos while they said the definition of the words. (They are actually not animated pictures; not really videos at all) She took charge, organizing and setting up her own schedule: how many words, in what order, etc. At this point, I have not quizzed her yet, but I think I will start doing that, once a week or so.

Do you think it helps you feel more prepared to take the ACT or SAT?

Maybe (I take that to mean: I don't think I'll ever really be ready to take the ACT or SAT!!)

Do you think having a broad vocabulary is important? Why or why not?

Yes, because my mom says so..... (rolls eyes here)

Like I said, a girl of few words! ;-)

Be sure to check out the VocabAhead website. They have a Study Room, Videos, Word lists, and phone apps. The big advantage to having the DVD-ROM is you don't have to have/use internet connection. Plus the word list is much more extensive than the list on the website.

To read what other members of the TOS Crew have to say about VocabAhead, be sure to click the banner below.


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