Monday, December 20, 2010

Memoir Mondays--Week 13

Here it is, just days till Christmas. In a couple days, some of the children and I will be headed out of town, to spend a few days with my extended family. While I am looking forward to seeing my family, I am not looking forward to the drive!!

This week's questions are kind of a challenge for me; I am not sure if I really even have any answers to them. But we'll give it a try!

What is the best gift you have ever given?

I guess this may sound odd to say, but I really can't think of any "best" or "outstanding" or even "great" gifts I have given!

One type of gift I give often, and I would think would be special, would be photos: photos of the kids, or of my weddings. In fact, I made soft frames, with candlewick embroidery on them, framing wedding photos.

I have made a memory album/scrapbook a time or two. Those are always fun to do! I wish I had more time for scarpbooking, and rubber stamping.....

Then again, maybe if you ask my 11 year old, he would say the best I have ever given would be the bicycle he received 4 years ago....

What is the oddest gift you have ever received? What did you do with it?

As for the oddest gift I have ever received, that would probably be something I received in the white elephant gift exchange back several years ago when we lived up north. But I can't think of any one thing in particular.

Please stay tuned for more episodes of Memoir Mondays, but this will be the last post for 2010. Have a very Merry Christmas, and a happy, blessed New Year. See you next year!

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