Monday, December 13, 2010

Memoir Mondays--Week 12

 We are nearly halfway through the month of December. It is almost Christmas; almost the start of a new year. I don't know about you, but it seems this year has gone by incredibly fast!

Because it is nearly time for the Christmas break at colleges and other schools, our first question this week is about roommates: Did you have roommates or companions? Tell about them and the things you learned living with others.

Well, I never "went away" to college, so I don't have that experience, or roommate experience from that. But I did attend a boarding school for my high school years, so I did have roommates then.

I had several roommates during the years I was there. My first year, it seems the dean switched us around frequently. I don't even remember anymore how many different roommates I had that year. My junior year, I had the same roommate the whole year. She is still a very dear friend. And my senior year, I had another classmate for the whole year, as well as a freshman part of the year.

It certainly did help me learn how to get along with all kinds of people, and different types of housekeepers. My roommate our junior year and I tended to keep our room very tidy, and did extra special cleaning each Friday (which was the day we had room inspections). My senior year roommate wasn't as particular....but soon we were working together to keep the room tidy, too. I remember one comment she made, perhaps after we had graduated: Because I enjoyed nature, and always noticed and pointed out the little beauties in nature, she soon recognized the same little things and began to appreciate them more.

Did you have a favorite TV show as a child or youth? Or radio show?

Many of my early childhood years, we didn't have a TV. Well, I know we had one for awhile, when we lived in Michigan. I remember watching Flipper, and Lassie. I remember when man first walked on the moon.....I also remember a lightning storm once, during which lightning "fried" our TV. Mom and Dad didn't get a replacement.

We didn't get another television until the troops started returning from Vietnam. My mother wanted to be able to see them coming home, because we had young men from the town in which we were living in North Carolina we were watching for.

I remember watching Fess Parker as Daniel Boone, and watching The Waltons. My all-time favorite show, though, was Little House on the Prairie. I have always been a Laura Ingalls Wilder fan; Michael Landon fan; Melissa Gilbert fan.....

When my first husband and I were newly married, we didn't have a television. We did have a radio. We enjoyed listening to Ranger Bill, The Sugar Creek Gang, Focus on the Family, Adventures in Odyssey, and a nature program of which I can't remember the name now. Sometimes I wish my kids had more opportunity or desire to listen to radio programs rather than TV.....Since my husband is a broadcast engineer at a television station, we need to have a TV, so he can monitor what problems the station might be having if they call him up while he is at home. But we only have the three main networks, and PBS....

What were some of your favorite television programs or radio programs when you were a child?
Please stay tuned for more episodes of Memoir Mondays!

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  1. How interesting that your hubby is a broadcast engineer and yet not an avid fan of TV. Of course,I love PBS. Well, that and NPR. I guess I'm a radio fan too.. My boys just don't like TV - I'm glad for that. I lived by the TV as a child.



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