Monday, November 1, 2010

Blog 30 Days of Diabetes in November....

November is American Diabetes Month. The American Diabetes Association/Diabetes Stops Here: Living With Diabetes; Inspired to Stop It has offered a challenge: to blog about diabetes every day during the month of November.

Day 1-- Introduction – Tell us about yourself! Why did you decide to start a blog or share your blog with us?

In some of my older posts on this blog, I introduce us, but as a recap: I am the mother of a beautiful 17 year old young lady, who was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 10 1/2. I have been with her every step of the way as the primary care giver from day 1. The main purpose of this blog has been to share a bit of our roller coaster ride, called "diabetes."

My sons and I have participated in the TrialNet research. The boys are all testing negative. I have tested positive for one or two of the antibodies, so up until we moved from Florida to Mississippi, I was having the glucose test every 6 months.

It has been a challenge, here in Mississippi, to get the test lined up...and, in fact, it never has happened. It is an even bigger challenge finding adequate medical care for my daughter, especially trying to find an endocrinologist for her.

For the past two years, my daughter, step daughter and I have participated in the Walk for Diabetes in McComb. It's a fun "girls' day out"! ;)

I would like to do my part in raising awareness about diabetes, for my daughter's sake. Also, I am pretty much on the verge of diabetes, myself. My father has Type 2, and there is a pretty widespread history of diabetes in his family. My brother's wife has diabetes, "inherited" from her folks. My daughter's paternal grandmother was recently diagnosed with Diabetes 1/2. And my step daughter's grandfather has diabetes.....So, our family is touched pretty heavily by this disease.

I hope you will join me each day this month, as I share more. Pin It Now!

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