Monday, November 15, 2010

Blog 30 Days of Diabetes--Day 15

“Mouthwatering Monday” – Carrot sticks and potato chips have a similar crunch, but the similarities end there. What’s your favorite snack? 

For the most part, I try to refrain from having snacks. I realize my children often do need snacks, though.

Some of our favorite snacks are:
  • Saltine cracker peanut butter sandwiches
  • Celery with peanut butter
  • Carrots or broccoli dipped in ranch dressing
  • Apple slices spread with peanut butter
  • Banana with peanut butter
  • Microwave popcorn
  • Potato chips with french onion dip
  • Corn chips with salsa, or melted Velveeta and salsa
  • Pumpkin chocolate chip muffins
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