Tuesday, November 9, 2010

2010 Gratitude Challenge--Day 9

I am ever grateful to God for calling me to homeschool my children.

When I was growing up, the careers I found most desirable were: veterinarian; forest ranger; and teacher. Nursing was in that list, too, for awhile. So was journalism.

Homeschooling definitely brings me all the joy (and sometimes frustration) of teaching! I think one reason I enjoy homeschooling so much is, I enjoy learning, myself! And I want to pass that love of learning on to my children....Sometimes I feel I am failing miserably at passing that love on to the children, when they grumble and complain about working on even "the fun stuff"!

Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed with trying to accomplish everything that needs to be accomplished every day. My mom can totally relate! And she reminds me that it can be even more overwhelming in a classroom full of students (not just the three or four I have! ;) ).

Still, I am thankful my to have my children home with me, where I know exactly what they are learning... Pin It Now!


  1. Great thing to be thankful for! :) As much work as homeschooling our children is, it can also be so rewarding.

  2. I do feel very lucky to homeschool. even on the hard days.


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