Friday, October 22, 2010

Download N Go: Terrific Tigers Review and Giveaway

They're sleek! They're graceful! They're stealthy! They are bright, and colorful, and striped! And they are endangered! These gorgeous big cats are among the most beautiful creatures God has created. My daughter has always loved cats, of any size, and after this study even I have a much greater appreciation for these special daughter's favorite animal in all the world, I think.

Download N Go units are geared for grades K-4, it's true. My daughter is in 11th grade this year; this is also true. But she joined us on this one, and I almost think she enjoyed it more than her little brothers did!! ;) I had her do some more indepth activities, research and reporting than the boys. She will probably continue her research for months to come.

The daily objectives for this unit are:

Day 1: What Is a Tiger?
Day 2: Getting to Know Tigers
Day 3: Where Are the Tigers?
Day 4: The Science of Tigers
Day 5: Cool Things About Tigers

It was fascinating to learn about each of the subspecies, the characteristics of each and where each should be able to be found in the wild. Learning about the continents and countries fits in well with the geography/history curriculum we are using this year! We also had fun learning a little about fingerprints and footprints. But I think our favorite part of the whole unit was watching all the captivating videos of tigers and tiger cubs, and listening to the different sounds they make. (Can you tell yet that my kids seem to all be pretty much visual learners??? ;) Their mother is most definitely a visual learner! We use a lot of videos in our schooling experience.)

As you can see, we have quite a collection of tigers here. This collection is divided up among the three kids, but I think Jen was the instigator of the whole collection in the first place! ;) I think the boys will look at tigers in a whole new way, now that they know more about them. Even better is the chance to see a live tiger! (This one is at a small teaching zoo, at Camp Kulaqua, in Florida; picture taken December, 2007)

Terrific Tigers can be purchased for $7.95 at The Old Schoolhouse Store. I hope you will enjoy Terrific Tigers as much as we did!!

Your chance to win a free copy!!

I am excited to announce that I have been granted the opportunity to give away a copy of the Terrific Tigers Download N Go!! There are several ways in which you may enter my drawing; please remember to leave your email or some other way for which I may contact you. Each activity will earn you a chance in the drawing. The drawing will take place after 11:00 pm Central Time, Saturday, October 30, 2010.

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