Monday, October 4, 2010

Memoir Mondays--Week 2

Since I didn't get Week 1 posted until today, I will be making two posts for this meme today. So here is Week 2.

Did you have a childhood hideout – tell about it?

When I was in grades 2-5, we lived in eastern North Carolina, in a huge Victorian house. My hideout there was in the "closet" or storage area under the stairs that went from main floor to the upstairs. Actually, I think that was everybody's favorite spot to hide, when we played Hide and Seek in the house!!

My younger brother and I had a hideout at my grandparents' place, too. It was in the woods, in the middle of an empty lot (which, back then, most of the lots around my grandparents were empty!). There was a large Live Oak tree, which had branches that hung clear to the ground. There was a thick carpet of fallen pine needles and leaves underneath the tree, which made it soft. We could scoop the leaves up, to make low walls. We would go there, and play by the hour!! At meal time, my grandfather would blow the car horn, to call us in for our meal.

Describe the perfect autumn day and what activities you enjoy.

Perfect Autumn day now? Or when I was a child?

I know one thing I enjoyed during Autumn when I was a child was being in the Smoky Mountains during the time of the beautiful fall colors. That is still one of the things I enjoy most! It was fun to go backpacking in the Smokies, and made more enjoyable when we could see the splendor covered in reds, golds, oranges. Even when I was a teenager, away at boarding school in Tennessee, the autumn colors awed and amazed me.

When my oldest two children were little, and during the time I was a single mother the first time, we walked everywhere around town (I had no car!). We walked to the park, where city workers had raked up huge piles of leaves, and the kids would play in them.

We lived above a store on Main Street. The store owners would sweep up the leaves into piles along the edge of the sidewalk, and the kids would play in those leaves. I took lots of photos! ;-) We would also walk along the streets, at the edges, to where everyone raked their leaves for the leaf vacuum to pick up, swishing our feet in the leaves, just to hear the sound they make.

I also remember how clear, brilliantly blue the skies were, those few days after 9/11/01, when there were not even jet trails across the sky. I have never seen that shade of blue in the sky since then.

Then last year I was introduced to the wonderment of the Ruby-throated Hummingbird migration. Talk about perfect Autumn days!!! Now, for as long as we live in this house, I will always eagerly anticipate the arrival of September!!

Please stay tuned for more episodes of Memoir Mondays!

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  1. Oooh. I love you tree hideout. I can just imagine the fun.


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