Friday, September 17, 2010

Product Review: Vocabulary Cartoons

While we were still gone to my folks', our copy of Vocabulary Cartoons: SAT Word Power arrived. I had been looking forward to receiving it, when I discovered our name was on the list of reviewers for this product. I imagined it would be beneficial to my daughter, whether or not she eventually takes the SAT.

Vocabulary Cartoons:SAT Word Power helps "Students learn hundreds of SAT level words faster and easier with powerful rhyming and visual mnemonics. In independent school tests, students with Vocabulary Cartoons learned 72% more words than students with traditional rote memory study materials and had 90% retention. Contains 290 SAT words with 29 review quizzes consisting of matching and fill-in-the-blank problems." (taken from the website, and the introduction of the book)

What does this look like? Each page of the book displays the word, the definition, a linking word, a cartoon to illustrate this link, and a few sentences in which the word is used, which illustrate its meaning. You can find examples of the cartoons here or here. This page explains how this system works.

Published by New Monic Books, Vocabulary Cartoons: SAT Word Power is geared for grades 7-12, and can be purchased for $12.95. You may also purchase Vocabulary Cartoons: Elementary Edition, for 3rd-6th grade level, or Vocabulary Cartoons II: SAT Word Power (also for grades 7-12), each for $12.95.

My daughter has spent some time going through the lessons, and completing the reviews. She reads the word, the definition, the linking word, observes the cartoon illustration, then reads the sentences below. Every ten words, there is a review/quiz, which she fills out. The review answers can be found at the back of the book, as well as a list of words found in the book.

I asked her to share her opinion: "It's fun. I like the pictures. I think other teens would like SAT Word Power, because it is such a fun way to learn vocabulary words."

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