Friday, September 10, 2010

Product Review: America's Math Teacher

Mathematics is the one subject my children seem to groan about, any time I mention it's time to pull out their math books, etc.! It has always been the one subject I have struggled with, in finding suitable curriculum, all through our homeschooling years. So I was pleased to receive a 2 month online subscription to America's Math Teacher.

What is America's Math Teacher?

It is an online math education system developed by Rick Fisher, creator of the award winning Math Essentials workbook program. This tested teaching strategy will produce dramatic results for students. It has an easy to follow, step-by step program, which provides video tutorials and exercise material to enhance any math program.
  • Learning Centers: The hubs for each course, in which to access the complete library of video tutorials, printed exercises, quizzes, and final exam
  • Exercise Center: The place to access and download printed exercises and review problems which correspond with each AMT course
  • Evaluation Center: Contains ability to access and download printed exercises and review problems corresponding with each AMT course
  • Resource Center: Here is found information, glossaries, and math skill games available on the AMT site.

For $195.00 you can purchase a one year subscription your whole family will be able to use, providing full access to all that America's Math Teacher has to offer. Your children, from 4th grade through high school algebra will benefit from using America's Math Teacher. You will find the following levels:
  • Basic Math Skills--designed for 4th and 5th graders
  • Advanced Math Skills--designed for middle graders; also excellent for older students with weak math backgrounds
  • Pre-Algebra Concepts--a must for students about to begin their first algebra class
  • Algebra--the “gateway” subject, necessary to complete advanced courses in math, science, and technology

America's Math Teacher provides review and drill work. The video lessons will provide clarification of concepts with which your child may be struggling. There are online speed drills, as well as worksheets which can be downloaded and printed, providing further review. You can even try some printed exercises and view some of the video lessons for free by going here.

I was looking forward to having my 10 year old and my high schooler utilize the program, at least several times a week. But since we made an emergency trip to my folks' during our subscription period, and our internet access at my folks' was spotty at best, and then we had computer problems at home after we got back....well, we were unable to use it to the extent that I'd hoped.

The 10 year old did some of the math drills. My high schooler  viewed some of the video lessons. I see a lot of potential use for this product, and wish that I had a little more time for the kids to take advantage of it (now that we are home; internet seems up and running properly; and I now have a new computer for the kids to use for school, and for me to use for all the work I do at my computer).

I imagine I could have each child schedule a few minutes each day, to review some of the concepts they are covering in their curriculum....which would be helpful, since math is, as previously stated, our weakest subject around here. My kids are pretty hands-on, especially with math, so we use lots of manipulatives. The videos would be appealing to the visual and audio learners in the bunch.

To contact America's Math Teacher, you can fill out this form, or search for your area representative.

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