Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Saga Continues......

Thursday morning my darling hubby checked around with some of the other car parts stores, and they all seemed to say the same thing--that it was probably the TPS.

Hubby was going to drive with us a ways, (he said maybe about 50 miles) while he drove the van and I drove his car. Within that time, the van acted up like it had done for then he could see exactly what I had been talking about...In the end, he drove all the way to my folks' with us. So, my usual one-day drive truned into two days...

We took it to the mechanic with whom my dad does business, the next morning. Then we ran some errands, including a trip to Home Depot to pick up some supplies for hubby to do some jobs around my folks' place...mainly involving electricity! ....My folks have been having electical problems in their house for awhile....big extension chords all around....So John put in a new breaker panel, etc., while waiting to hear back from the mechanic.

The mechanics findings seem to be that it is a problem with the alternator....So, now we wait to hear more come Monday....And do our best to make the most of the week, with appointments, schoolwork, etc.

Yesterday we attended church, at the little church we used to attend, then spent part the evening with friends. John headed back home from there, planning to drive all night, taking naps as needed.....So, in the night, the breaker for the switch that runs the air conditioner in the motor home in which the kids and I are sleeping, goes out....and we have no AC in there now.....Oh, yay!! ;-)

Sometimes, you just have to wonder what the Lord is trying to teach you!!.... Pin It Now!

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