Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More of the story....

I was thankful to have such good diabetes care while we were in Florida. Only recently have I learned just how grateful I really should have been!!

After we'd been in Florida for awhile, my husband left (right when we'd finally found a house we could have afforded and moved into, and about the time we were seriously starting Jen on the pump), and filed for divorce. Then the Lord led me to my current husband. When we married, that meant the kids and I had to leave Florida, my folks, the wonderful little church family there, and the great medical care we had, for both Jen and my youngest (he has developmental delays, hearing impairment, Apraxia of Speech/speech impairment, sensory integration issues....who knows what all, and receives therapy).

Originally the plan was to move to Louisiana, where he had a home....but Hurricane Gustav hit, and an enormous oak tree landed on his double wide mobile home. You can read my thoughts during that storm here and here and see pictures here and here. So we decided to look for a sturdier home, further north of Baton Rouge...and have ended up in Mississippi. I find it very pretty in this area, actually. And I like our nice big yard, and our lovely brick home.

There is one huge, major drawback here, though!! The medical care, and what Medicaid will and will not cover. The nearest endocrinologists are either in Hattiesburg or Jackson, Mississippi....Sure, we could go to Baton Rouge, but Mississippi Medicaid will not cover that. Also, Mississippi Medicaid will cover insulin, but not the insulin pen needles!! So the insulin will be covered, but not the method by which to administer it. Now, tell me, how strange, wrong, is that???? (Finding care as suitable for my youngest as we had back in Florida is equally challenging).

Last fall, Jen and I did take a diabetes class....since she is quickly approaching her 18th birthday (you know, that "magical" number when they become "legal" adults), and is needing to take over more and more of her own care. It was good for her to learn more about diabetes and its care, for her own knowledge.

Still, no matter what we do, and even if she is following the dosages, etc., to the "T".....her blood sugars still bounce all over the place!! At her last "diabetes checkup" (which was not with an endocrinologist), they again suggested the pump for her. I think it would be helpful for her, in keeping her blood sugars more level...but she is reluctant to consider it (for reasons unknown to me).

We will keep learning, and moving on down this roller coaster journey of ours.....

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