Monday, January 25, 2010

Very Last First Tooth......

Okay, my Five in a Row-ing friends will catch the similarity of title to one of the beloved books we Row (Very Last First Time).....But today we had a very last first time: my baby lost his first tooth. Kind of a bittersweet moment for this old mama. You see, he is the youngest of 4 (well, 5, actually, since I have a step daughter now, too). And I was 40 when he was born; I really don't plan on any more babies; my poor ol' body just can't handle any more. He is also the one who has the developmental delays, hearing impairment, Apraxia of speech/language processing problems of whatever sort. But he is the sweetest little guy, and my heart bursts with love for him! I have to keep telling myself, he will be eight this summer!!! How did time pass so quickly?! Pin It Now!

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