Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Where has the time gone?

This is Tim. Today he is 6 months away from becoming a legal adult in these United States. I cannot believe how fast the time has gone. Eighteen years ago, I still carried him safely inside of me. I prayed to God to bless his life; I told Tim all the things I planned to teach him: about God, and how He sent His Son to die for us; how I hoped Tim would choose to follow Him and make Him first in his life; about nature in all it's beauty and how it speaks of our Creator...

Now, I have only a short while left before he may be out on his own...making his own choices, decisions, and, yes, mistakes. Just a few short weeks ago, he started his first job, earning his own money.

I know he misses his friends in Florida...I know, too, he seems to like and respect his new stepdad. His stepdad shows him respect and genuine love, and in return, Tim shows his stepdad respect and love. I think in some ways, Tim is relieved to no longer have to feel like he must be "man of the family"--but does he feel a little resentment, too, because of that? Someone else has that position now...But I know his stepdad is willing (and capable) to show Tim how to be a man, a husband, and a father. Is Tim willing to learn?

Six months until he turns 18....but since he is only halfway through his junior year of high school, officially we do still have him another year and a half or so. He already talks of moving back to Florida when he can...so already I must start preparing myself for that day.

But how does one let go...especially of their firstborn? How did our Heavenly Father let His Son go? Let Him come to this earth as a tiny baby....with the very real possibility that He could lose Him for all eternity? And how did He have the strength to standby and watch Him die....for the sins of the world? And how did Jesus have the courage to leave His Father, come to this earth...give up His life? Oh, what matchless love!!!

By the way, I am typing this all up today...after struggling with dealing with that teen attitude that Tim has, which has grown stronger and stronger over the past 11 months or so. He is reaching toward adulthood now, with both hands...and it is almost within his grasp now.

I am so proud of the young man he is becoming! I pray he continues to choose to follow the Lord, and to serve Him with all his heart. And I pray for the strength and courage I need, to assist him in transitioning to adulthood...and to let go when the time finally comes.
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  1. Wendy you blinked and he grew up. They grow up so quickly. Hard to believe. Mine are now 21, 19 and 13.5 yrs old. I am in shock and yet i am enjoying this time in their lives. Except one is far away from home now and I understand how you feel with him maybe leaving. I so miss my 21 yr old son and yet I know he is good and doing what He is to do in his life and he is a joy and love hearing the things he does :)

    Also , CONGRATS ON YOUR WEDDING !!!!!!!!1 i am so very happy for you and the children.


    Jo Ann C


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