Thursday, September 11, 2008

Today, we remember.......

What were you doing seven years ago today? Each year, we remember. May we continue to remember in the years to come.

This morning my oldest put out our flag, at half mast, to show we do remember.

While I was gone with my youngest for his therapy, my teens watched a video documentary with my 8 year old of the events of that day. He wasn't even two years old yet when these events occurred. He doesn't remember them at all. He was telling me how sad it made him feel, to see the events of that day, and that all those people died. My youngest, well, he wasn't even conceived, much less born yet! What a different world they live, than the one I grew up in.

One of my favorite DJs on our favorite radio station, TheJoyFM, shared his thoughts on his weblog, called Seven Lessons of September Eleventh.

As we ponder these things again this year, may God truly impress upon our hearts just how near His coming really is. While we are remembering, we see that Baton Rouge/most of Louisiana is still struggling to recover from Gustav, and the Gulf Coast of Texas is preparing for Ike. We are also facing a historical election in a couple months.

Our nation needs our prayers. This world needs our prayers. He is coming soon; will you be ready?
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  1. Just wanted to stop by and say hi as I am a Floridian and a joyFM listener too. I have added you as a friend and hope you do the same. I like your post. The Lord is coming soon! Our nation needs to humble themselves and pray. Lord bless <>< Antoinette

  2. Hi Wendy....hope your weeks been good!


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